Why Your PC is Slow and Make your PC Super Fast Using Some Tricks

Hello friends how are you all Today I will share with you some tips and tricks that you can use to make your PC super fast. So let’s get started.

First, let’s take a look at why our PCs actually slow down.

There are many reasons why PCs become slow. I will explain the reasons step by step below.

1.Long time not reboot / restart.

Our PCs automatically generate and run a lot of files that we don’t need all the time. But these generated and run files remain on the PC until we remove or stop them through some process. And a small step to remove or run stop is this reboot / restart system. So sometimes you should reboot / restart the PC. Below are some more steps to remove unnecessary files from PC and stop unnecessary files from running.

2.Install additional software and games.

With additional software and games installed, that makes our PC much slower. So unnecessary software and games should be uninstalled.

3.Disk stays full.

Even if the disk is full, our PC becomes slow, so we have to keep the hard disk sufficiently empty.

4.When the mail war virus attacks.

Even if the virus attacks, our PC becomes slow. This is because when the virus enters the computer, it runs automatically and the virus uses a lot of RAM & cpu memory to run this. As a result our PC becomes slow. So if the virus attacks, you need to scan the PC with a good antivirus. If that doesn’t work, then the PC will have to give a new Windows.

Now we will follow some steps that we will use to remove unnecessary files from our PC and stop running unnecessary files.

For that we will follow the steps below.

  1. Find and edit the temporary file.
  2. Disk Clean and Defragment.
  3. Stop unnecessary files.

1.Temporary file delete.

For that, first we will open our run option. And then type ‘temp` then ok.

Then it will come like the image below,Select and delete all the files here.

Now we have to type two more commands and delete all the files that will come after the commands are executed as above.



2.Clean and defragment the disk.

Go to the search option of the PC, that is, go to the start button and search for defragment. After opening the defragment, De-fragment all the disks as shown below.

This process done once a week is good for hard disk health.

3.Stop unnecessary files. Go to run option and type

services.msc will then appear as shown below.

From here, if the Windows Auto Update is Automatic, I will disable it. superfetch Double click on it and it will open like the image below. Statup type: It will have Automatic, we will change and disable it

Also, if there are any other unnecessary runs that you don’t need, you can disable them as well.

4.Disk clean.

Go to run option and tighten cleanmgr, then if ok then it will look like the image below.

From here, select the disk you want to clean and click ok butto.

Then it will look like the image below.

files to delete Select all from here and click the ok button. Then delete . This way you will clean the rest of your disks.

ok our work is done.

Now hopefully your PC has increased the speed a lot than before.

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