How To open paytm payment bank account in few minutes?

What is Paytm payment bank: –

Many of you will know about Paytm payment bank, this payment bank of Paytm works completely online and you get a lot of convenience related to the bank due to it being online for 24 hours. You can use anytime on any day, due to being online, you can take money anywhere anytime, you can do it comfortably.

What facility is available in paytm payment bank: –

You can open an online account in Paytm payment bank
Paytm payment bank allows you to open a savings account
With its account you are given a debit card of Rs.
You can use paytm debit card for online money transfer or shopping.
Paytm payment bank is certified by RBI
In this, you get a saving account number and an IFSC code is also given.
You can send money online to anyone and you do not have to pay any separate charge for it.
In this, you have to do online money transfer to deposit money.
Apart from this, you can shop with it.
In Paytm payment bank you get 4% interest
Paytm payment bank debit card has a separate PIN that you create yourself.
To use Paytm payment bank, you do not have to go to any separate site, you can consider everything from Paytm payment bank.
Very simple option
With Paytm payment bank you can avail lots of Pitam offers.
A facility like Ekyc for opening a bank account, from which you can open an account in 5 minutes.

How to open an account in Paytm payment bank: –

1: – If you want to open an account in Paytm payment bank, for this you will have to go to a retailer near you, through EKYC, you will open an account in your Paytm payment bank, for this you will not have any money for this account. You will be opened for free
2: – For the second way, you have to download the app of Paytm and then register from any of your mobile numbers, after registering, you will have to click on the profile, there you will get the option of open payment bank account, there you will click on it And you do not select the nominee and click on the second option, you will get a message of congratulations and you will be asked to donate, you can donate, after 2 or 3 days you will get an agent’s phone to complete the EKYC. Or you will have to mail to Paytm mail Agent will open your account with your Aadhaar card.

Which document is required to open an account in Paytm payment bank: –

In paytm you need only Aadhaar card to open an account, you will be able to open a bank account in Pitam only with Aadhaar card, apart from this you do not need any document.

Where can you use?

This savings account gives you the facility that you can take money from it in the whole of India, but with this account, the daily money is completely online, so you can use it anytime.
How to download paytm payment bank app
If you want to download paytm app then you can download it from playstore.

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