How to Make a Incubator at Home?

“Make your own egg incubator machine” “Work is Power” Let’s become self-reliant and eliminate unemployment I am drawing the attention of ordinary housewives, young men and women, students and farm brothers. . Many people are suffering from various doubts in their professional life, I say to them for their purpose …… devotion and love for work, courage to take risks and confidence in the ability to make intelligent decisions …. keeping domestic chickens, ducks, turkeys, partridges, quails You can create your own income opportunities by hatching eggs with your own incubator, you can be self-sufficient. Remember, proper planning, perseverance, determination and hard work are the ultimate key to success in any endeavor.

For ordinary housewives, young men / women, school-college students and farm brothers, a good quality automatic incubator can change fortunes, a blessing for many. Many farm brothers cannot afford to buy foreign incubators at high prices, moreover the circuit of foreign incubators has some problems after some time and that incubator control circuit is made of small parts in SMD version, so it becomes unusable later. Ordinary farmers are financially affected And at one point he became frustrated and lost interest Moreover, the farmers are getting confused by making an incubator with a simple device of 1 relay switching logic at low or high temperature. Keep in mind that in addition to bulbs / heaters on and off the temperature is required, over-temperature control, fan switching, and a buzzer alarm sound when high and low temperatures are at risk due to any mechanical disturbances. Hearing this alarm sound will allow you to take necessary action and save your precious eggs from being wasted.

An incubator is a device that lays eggs artificially. This device can also be made at home.

It needs to be made:

  • Wooden box
  • 60 watt valve
  • Water pot
  • Cotton cloth
  • Thermometer


First you have to put the valve on the top of the wooden box.

Put the water pot just below the valve.

Put the egg next to the water pot. Put the eggs on the straw or cotton.

Make a hole in the wooden box just above the egg and inserted the thermometer Cotton should be given where there are joints or holes. In any way so that outside heat cannot enter. Again if outside air can enter. That’s why you have to give cotton in pairs. Cotton can be taken off as needed, it can also be given across.

103 degree Fahrenheit and 60 % relative humidity are required for hatching. Therefore, the project needs to maintain this temperature. It is possible to boil 3 eggs in 21 days in this incubator. If you want to control the temperature, you can use a regulator. Can be done. To keep the humidity right, you have to reduce or increase the water in the water.
This incubator can be made at low cost. But it has to be made carefully.

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