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CTR control

How to control the increased CTR of Adsense
Hello friends, in this post today I will tell you how you will be able to work on increasing the CTR of your Adsense in just a few hours.

What is Adsense CTR: –
As we also told in our old post that there are 2 types of CTR in Adsense, one of which is Page CTR and the other is Impresson CTR, both these CTRs work differently.

1- Page CTR
page CTR means all the page views you have in adsense and all the ads that are clicked on them, that click is called CTR of that page, then it is called page CTR,

2- Impressson CTR
Impresson means ad, any ad that comes on your video and the click that happens on that ad is called its impresson CTR.

How does CTR increase
The only reason for increasing CTR is whenever there are more ads coming on your YouTube video or site, in such a situation, if a lot of people start clicking on those ads and your clicks increase, then your CTR will increase to a great extent. It increases as if you have 100ads on a video and clicked on them 25, then your CTR will be 25%.

What is the CTR Safe: –
By the way, there is no Adsense guide line for how much CTR is safe. Or if your enemy or hetero is clicking on your video’s ads repeatedly, your Adsense can be disabled even if your CTR is working. By the way, if your page CTR is above 10℅ or impresson ctr is going to 15℅ then you are in danger, at this time you have to take necessary action.

Should monetize stop when CTR increases?
If you stop monetize on increasing CTR, then it will stop your revenue and whenever you enable monetize again, your CTR will start increasing again and every day you stop monetize, in that way your CTR of that day will be counted the same. This way your Adsense account will not be safe, so it will not be right to stop monetize
Turning off monetize will not solve your problem.

What is the right way to control CTR: –
If your CTR increases then in such a situation you do not need to close all the ads, you just have to see which of your videos is getting the most views and you should stop the skippable ads of that video. The CTR that comes in will be under control in a few hours

How to check which videos are getting more views: –
For this, you have to open your YouTube channel, I have to go to the channel, after this you have to go to the video manager, after the video manager you have to go to the channel and after going to the channel you will get to see real time views from there you will get 48 hours from there. And you will be able to see real time views of 60 minutes
Go To my channel–> Video manneger–> Channel–> Real time

How to stop skipable ads: –
You have to open youtube and then go to My channel–> video manneger–> there you have to click on the video edit and you will get the settings, then you have to go to monetize from there and close the skipple add only after that Do not do anything.

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